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I am a human being. . .well, more specifically, I am an architectural student. I work, eat, sleep, and study. . .and then I repeat this pattern the next day–and the next day after that. Oh, the cycle of life. The only un-human thing I might be accused of is putting my pants on both legs at once. I figure since college literally doesn’t give students enough time for everything, this is my way of shredding two awesome seconds. Other than that, I’m pretty normal, I think.

Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral. Frank Lloyd Wright

I take what I do very seriously, yet I also try to have fun while doing it. I try. Anyway, as I advance in my studies, so will this blog. I should warn you that I’m not particularly skilled in photography (or the English grammar if we’re going to confess here). So if you come across a really terrible photo that leaves you scratching your head, well you know now. So stop by any time and if you leave feeling worse, there isn’t much I can help with, since I’m an architectural student and not a medical student.

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