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August 1, 2012

It’s called Castle Green. Yet, the 1898 structure doesn’t have a cinch of green color (okay well, maybe just a smidgen, but you didn’t hear me admit that). Shameful trickery I’d say. Of course it could just be my poor eyesight–or both. Anyhow, once I got over the initial disappointment phase, I crouched down and stuck my camera through the high gated bars. I know, I know very unconventional; not to mention I must have looked suspiciously ridiculous crouching on a crumbling sidewalk near a busy street. Perhaps someone may have thought I was taking a tinkle–oh dear. The reason for my questionable behavior is that the owners and residents only come out in the Spring and Winter to give tours . . . all other seasons they hermit inside, gates locked. Just kidding. Now, are you ready for some boring facts?

Architect Frederick I. Roehrig blended Moorish, Spanish, Victorian and Colonial elements to create a seven story architectural masterpiece as well as the first fireproof building in Pasadena, California. Whew, that was certainly a mouthful. Gosh. I’d say that a building of structural steel with brick walls and concrete floors better be fireproof.

It’s mysterious. You can smell the old.

Anyhow, the castle was originally called The Central Annex, which is a more appropriate name since it played host to vacationing tycoons, various presidents, easterners and frozen people fleeing from the harsh winter spite (oh yes–mother nature can be brutal). Oh and one last thing . . . at one time, there was even a penthouse with a glass roof. I want a glass roof.


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