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July 31, 2012

This photograph was snapped at a secret location in China; secret because I’m just stealthy that way. Nah…I guess I’ll have to admit it (which is a most difficult, ego bruising notion for me). . . a friend of a friend of mine took this picture, ah shucks huh and now I’ve confused you too. Oh well, my moment of glory will come. Yet speaking of glory, perhaps I can put in my two cents worth and add some interesting facts for you.

Here it goes: Chinese culture and its architecture are closely related. The most prominent characteristics of Chinese architecture is the use of timber framework and the emphasis on symmetry. Strict positioning of buildings within a large complex are based upon their hierarchy of importance and many of the earlier architectural wonders followed similar forms and patterns of layout. Architectural knowledge was passed down from one generation to the next–apparently there was a slight glitch when my turn came around. Whew…and you thought I’d never finish; I thought I’d never finish either.


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